How to use Magickal Oils

Magickal Oils may be used in several ways. Be sure to use an oil appropriate for your purpose.

  • Anoint the body to attract the magickal energies of the oil into your life.
  • Anoint talismans when charging, or using to enhance their power.
  • Anointing candles before burning in magickal spells and rituals.
  • Anointing crystals and gemstones before to increase their energies before wearing, carrying or using in spells and rituals.

    A Simple Spell

    Choose a candle of the appropriate colour for your objective. Hold the candle under running water to cleanse it of any negative energies it may have absorbed. As you do this, visualise the negative energies leaving the candle and being transformed into pure light. Allow the candle to dry. Using a needle or a small pointed knife (take care not to cut yourself) to scratch the surface of the candle, write your magickal goal. Keep it simple and use just a few words. Then, with a drop of magickal oil on your finger, starting at the middle of the candle, run your finger from the middle to the top of the candle and back to the middle again in one stroke. Then, with a second drop of oil on your finger, start at the middle of the candle and run your oiled finger from the middle of the candle down to its' base and back up to the middle of the candle, again using a single stroke. Light the candle and visualise your goal as having already been achieved. Be as imaginative as you like - the more vivid the imagery the more magickal energy you will generate. As the candle burns it is transformed into magickal energy to bring about the changes required to achieve your goal. An appropriate incense may also be burned while performing your ritual.


    This is absolutely essential for the success of any spell. Visualise your goal. Think about your visualisation before you begin. Always visualise yourself as having already achieved your goal. For example - If you're looking for love, see yourself as being in a loving relationship. If you need money, see yourself as already having that much needed money to buy those things you need. See £50 notes raining down all around you. If you need healing or wish to be healthier, visualise yourself as fully healed (not as sick and wanting to be better). See yourself as you want to be not as you don't want to be. Make your visualisation as strong as possible. Don't just wish or hope otherwise wishing or hoping is all you will achieve. It doesn't matter if you can't actually "see" when visualising. So long as you can imagine what it feels like to have achieved your goal.

    Harm no one

    Never do magick to annoy, hurt, kill, manipulate or control another person or for revenge.

    Don't use magick to try to win the love of a specific person. Forcing someone to love you against their will is to control and manipulate them. You may well find that you are quite incompatible with this person. If you want a loving relationship, use magick to attract your ideal mate and trust the magick to choose the right person for you.

    Don’t use magick to impress other people or to simply boost your ego. Find another way to achieve what you need without causing harm to anyone If you use magick for evil purposes, evil will return to you three times over in this lifetime. (Some people say ten times). It's not worth it! This happens regardless of whether your spell works or not.

    And if you think you can protect yourself from receiving all that bad luck and evil returning to you, you can't. I've met far too many people who convinced themselves that they were clever enough to protect themselves from the rebound effect of their negative magick. They all have one thing in common - They attract bad luck like a magnet. Their lives are a complete mess and they are desperately unhappy.

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