JOB SEEKER Hand Blended Incense

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Eloise Kirlan's Job Seeker Incense is hand blended from herbs and resins well known in witchcraft and folklore for their strong magickal properties which can help with job hunting. It is designed for use in your spells, magick rituals or meditations to help you with job seeking on all levels, whether you're seeking to get a job as a permanent solid change of career or if you're just looking for part time work to act as an added income stream.
It works in three main ways, helping you with focus, luck and money.
1, FOCUS, working directly on yourself, giving you confidence, determination, focus and the clarity of mind needed to seek out and find new work opportunities.
2, LUCK, increasing your general state of luck and aura of attraction, bringing more opportunities within your sight and enabling employers to see you in that role.
3, MONEY, increasing your financial success, helping you to negotiate or find work at a higher fee. When you get offered a job you may also want to use our Interviews Incense to help seal the deal.

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