100g Witches Red Salt (Coarse ground)


A 100g bag of coarse ground Witches Red Salt.
Other size bags are also available.

Witches Red Salt is used in magick and rituals by Pagans, Wiccans, Hoodoo practitioners, people who practice witchcraft and those who want a little psychic or spiritual help. It is traditionally used for spells and rituals for all aspects of love, passion, protection, courage, strength, energy, vigour, healing and absorbing negative energy.

Salt has very powerful magickal properties. Our Witches Red Salt is especially blended for us by Eloise Kirlan deep in the magickal Welsh mountains using ancient pure Himalayan rock salt, specific flowers and herbs known for their properties in love, passion, protection, courage, strength, energy, vigour and healing magick and traditional essential oils, then empowered with intent for use in all kinds of love, passion, protection, courage, strength, energy, vigour and healing spells. Use it carefully as it can be messy and can sometimes stain.

Use Witches Red Salt for:

  • love,
  • passion,
  • general protection,
  • healing,
  • energy and vigour,
  • strength,
  • courage,
  • healing.
  • For many ways in which you can use Witches Red Salt have a look HERE.

    You can enhance your spells by also lighting red candles.

    Coarse or Fine Witches Red Salt?

    Our Witches Red Salt is available in both coarse or fine ground salt. Which one you choose to use is largely a matter of personal preference, but you may find one suits your purpose better on a practical level. Coarse salt is easier to sprinkle outdoors as it won't blow away as easily as fine salt. The large crystals of coarse salt are also easier to clean up if sprinkling around your altar. Some find the larger grains also look more visually pleasing and magickal than the fine salt, the crystals drawing you in, helping with meditation and visualisation. Fine salt (a similar powder texture as in table salt) is good for sprinkling to draw lines or circles. It can also be used more discreetly as just using a tiny amount can barely be seen.

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    Please note this is ritual Red Salt and is not to be eaten or used in food. (The type of salt used in food is quite different.)

    Witches Salt is a powerful magickal tool. Like any other power tool (e.g. electric drill, food processor etc.) results are dependent upon the person using it, so results cannot be guaranteed. We are required by law to state that our magickal items are sold as novelty items only.

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