DARK MOON Magickal Oil 10ml


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A 10ml bottle of Dark Moon Magickal Oil.
The moon spends three nights in darkness before the thin sliver of the New Moon starts to reveal itself. This short Dark Time while the moon is hidden and "at rest" is a time for soul searching, banishing negativity and for embracing darkness and mysteries, before the busy energies of the coming New Moon. The Dark Moon can be represented by the Goddess of Death and the Underworld.
Eloise Kirlan's Dark Moon Magickal Oil is a powerful blend of oils, herbs and flowers well known in traditional witchcraft and paganism for their magickal properties in honouring and harnessing the unique energy of the Dark Moon. Use it in Dark Moon rituals and when you need to explore or accept the darker aspects of your personality, for reflection and looking inward into yourself, to help find solutions, for banishing all that is bad or negative and breaking unwanted or unhealthy habits, or simply to honour the moon when she is dark.

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