HOPE Magickal Oil 10ml


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A 10ml bottle of Hope Magickal Oil.
The importance of "Hope" is often overlooked as too vague as to be important, but when someone is feeling down, despaired, lost or alone, the lack of hope is often a very major factor. If it feels like you have nothing to look forward to or that life isn't under your control then hope is often what you need.
Eloise Kirlan's Hope Magickal Oil is a tried and tested magickal anointing oil to use in your magick, spellcasting or meditations to help you find meaning, reason and optimism in your life's circumstances. With it you can put the negative in perspective, clear your mind to see the positive and realise that you can take control of your life to bring about a better existence for yourself.
Hope Magickal Oil is hand blended from traditional flowers, herbs and essential oils known in folklore and witchcraft for their strong magickal properties in helping to bring hope, faith, an uplifting energy and optimism and to reconnect yourself with feelings of stability, strength and control.
An effective way to use Hope Magickal Oil is to anoint a necklace or neck pendant with Hope Oil to create a magickal talisman bursting with positive energies that will help restore your sense of hope and enable you to welcome opportunity and change, feel more in control of your circumstances and embrace the goodness of life that you deserve.
It is also a powerful oil to use in meditations to help you find the thoughts and ideas that will give you hope, control and stability.

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