PROTECTION Magickal Oil 10ml


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A 10ml bottle of Protection Magickal Oil.
Our Protection Magickal Oil is designed to be used as a go-to general purpose magick protection oil to help protect you, your family and your property from harm. It is hand blended from traditional herbs, flowers and essential oils well known in traditional witchcraft and folklore for their powerful protective and shielding properties.

Use this Protection Oil in spells and rituals to protect you from harm whether spiritual or physical. Anoint windows and doorways to protect your home or a room from unwelcome visitors, people, spirits or physical problems. Anoint precious items you wish to protect from harm, loss or damage. Wear a splash of oil on your wrists to help protect yourself from dangerous people, attitudes, influences and situations. However you use it, be alert and don't put yourself in unnecessary risk. This magick oil works WITH you, not FOR you.

If your needs are especially for protection from psychic attack or hexes you may prefer to use Eloise Kirlan's Psychic Protection Oil which we also sell.

For many more ways in which you can use Magickal Oils have a look HERE.

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