MARS Planetary Magickal Oil 10ml


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A 10ml bottle of Mars Planetary Magickal Oil.
In planetary magick Mars is associated with energy, passion, enthusiasm and sex drive.
In Mythology Mars is the Roman God of War presiding over sex, war, destruction, competition and tests of strength. His Greek name is Ares.
Our Mars Planetary Magickal Oil is hand blended from herbs and oils known for their traditional associations with honouring Mars. It can be used in magick spells and rituals to bring out the positive aspects of the planet. These include willpower, passion, enthusiasm, athleticism, competition, courage, power, risk-taking, victory, physical strength and sexual energy. Mars is also very powerfully connected with competitive sports.

Mars is associated with the zodiacal Sign of Aries and the the element of Fire. It's day of the week is Tuesday.

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