MONEY DRAWING Magickal Oil 10ml


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A 10ml bottle of Money Drawing Magickal Oil.
Our Money Drawing Magickal Oil is designed for you to bring in money quickly when you need it most. It is hand blended from herbs, flowers and essential oils well known in traditional witchcraft and folklore for their help in fast-working money drawing spells.
Use Money Drawing Magickal Oil in spells, magick rituals or meditations when you have a solid need for an urgent influx of money. When using Money Drawing Magickal Oil be specific in how much you actually need and don't ask for more than that. (If you're after a more long term increase in financial fortunes use our Wealth Magickal Oil or our Prosperity Magickal Oil instead)
Rub some on the inside of your purse or wallet each morning, or anoint your bank statements or financial paperwork. Use it to anoint objects or jewellery to turn them into money drawing charms or amulets. If working any money spells or rituals use it on your candles, crystals and talismans. Use Money Drawing Magickal Oil daily until you get the results you need. Then stop using it and be sure to give thanks to the elements and forces that have helped you.

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