MOON Planetary Magickal Oil 10ml


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A 10ml bottle of Moon Planetary Magickal Oil.
Moon magick is seen as extremely powerful in cultures throughout history and in today's neo-pagan and witchcraft traditions such as Wicca. In magickal workings the moon is associated with water as it has power over the tides. It is also powerfully connected to a woman's menstrual cycle.
In astrology and planetary magick The Moon represents imagination and divination, plus feminine energy. The Moon helps with astral projection and meditation and has strong power with divination so is a great help with all psychic workings including tarot cards, pendulums and scrying.
Our Moon Planetary Magickal Oil is hand blended from herbs and oils known for their many associations with honouring The Moon and can be used in magick spells and rituals to bring out the positive aspects of the The Moon. These include, female energy, love magic, healing, dreams and the subconscious, imagination, instinct and sensitivity, emotion and enhancing your psychic abilities. Moon Planetary Magickal Oil can also be used in "drawing down the Moon".
The Moon is revered in many ancient mythologies and belief systems. The Greek goddess and personification of The Moon is Selene who was worshiped at the new and full moons. In Roman mythology the divine embodiment of the Moon is the Goddess Luna. The Mesopotamian's Moon God was Sin and the Ancient Egyptians had many Gods connected to the moon, the primary Moon Gods being Yah and Khonsu.

The Moon is associated with the zodiac sign of Cancer and the element of Water. It's day of the week is Monday.

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