PLUTO Planetary Magickal Oil 10ml


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A 10ml bottle of Pluto Planetary Magickal Oil.
In Mythology Pluto is the Roman God of the Underworld. The Ancient Greeks represented him as Hades. In astrology and planetary magick Pluto stands for the power to transform.
Our Pluto Planetary Magickal Oil is hand blended from herbs and oils known for their associations with honouring Pluto and can be used in magick spells and rituals to bring out Pluto's positive astrological and planetary aspects. These include the power to transform, applying knowledge, overcoming evil, alleviating depression, sex and sensuality, revealing secrets, finding lost objects, astral travel and the astral realms. Pluto is also the planet to call on for spiritual growth, clairvoyance, renewal and energy. Pluto is in charge of death and reigns over catastrophes and major disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Pluto traditionally represents subconscious forces, ruling all that is “hidden below”.

Pluto is associated with the zodiac sign of of Scorpio. It's day of the week is Tuesday.

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