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A 10ml bottle of Psychic Protection Magickal Oil.
The herbs, flowers, oils and other ingredients blended in Eloise Kirlan's Psychic Protection Magickal Oil are well known in traditional witchcraft and folklore for their powers in helping defend from psychic attack, curses, hexes, voodoo and any negative energies that you've picked up or attracted or have been either intentionally or inadvertently sent your way.

Psychic Protection Magickal Oil is designed for you to use in rituals and spell-work for psychic protection and psychic defence. Use it to strengthen your "psychic armour", to protect you from the influence of negative people, bad luck, the Evil Eye, bad spirits, those who drain your energies (known as psychic vampires), places with negative energies and any general "bad feelings" you get from a place, a thing or a person.
Anoint a black candle with the oil and light it to protect you. Sprinkle Psychic Protection Magickal Oil onto jewellery or a crystal (Tigers Eye is good) to make it into a protective talisman.

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