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A 10ml bottle of Divine Intervention Magickal Oil.
Use Divine Intervention Magickal Oil for situations where you feel you need a miracle, act of god or divine intervention to help you with a problem you need resolving.
Divine Intervention Magickal Oil works across all faiths, religions and beliefs as it's designed to work directly on you yourself to focus your intent on your needs and help you connect that need to your personal higher power. Whether you look to guidance or intervention from an Angel, God, Goddess, Spirit, ancient deity, your higher self or from the energy of abundance and lifeforce of the world, Divine Intervention Magickal Oil helps you amplify upwards your request for help, guidance, or direct action to be heard.
Use the oil as part of your faith's ritual to anoint a candle, talisman or a holy symbol, whatever your faith or personal calling suggests, and call to the divine for guidance or intervention to manifest the results you need.

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