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A 10ml bottle of Egyptian Magickal Oil.
Egyptian Magickal Oil is a hand blended mix of traditional herbs, flowers and oils known to be used by the Ancient Egyptians in their daily offerings and honourings to their many gods. It is designed for you to use in Egyptian rituals and magick, for honouring the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses and to invite them into your sacred space. Use Egyptian Magickal Oil along with or instead of Egyptian Incense or Kyphi. Oil is great to use when incense is not practical. It can also be used to anoint candles and talismans. It will be accepted by all the deities of Ancient Egypt including:

Seth: The desert God of war, chaos and storms.
Isis: Mother of the Gods, invoked for healing.
Osiris: King of the underworld, Lord and judge of the dead and god of agriculture.
Sekhmet: The lion-headed goddess of destruction and healing, invoked for protection.
Thoth: The ibis-headed God of writing and wisdom, truth and integrity invoked for his gifts of knowledge and creativity in writing.
Anubis: The jackal-headed god of the dead responsible for the ritual of weighing the heart in the afterlife.
Shepet: The crocodile headed Goddess of protection.
Bast: The beautiful goddess of cats one of the most popular deities of ancient Egypt, whose cult invoked her for protection and blessing, also for music, dance and fertility.
Ra: the great Sun God and primary deity of Egypt.
Hathor: The patron goddess of joy, inspiration, celebration, love, female sexuality, women's health, motherhood and childbirth and also drunkenness.
Ptah: One of the oldest Egyptian gods, creator of the world, lord of truth and God of sculptors and craftsmen.
Horus: The god of the sky (and war) who contained the sun in his right eye and the moon in his left. The eye of Horus is the most well recognised of Egyptian symbols representing the third eye.

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