GAMES OF CHANCE Magickal Oil 10ml


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A 10ml bottle of Games of Chance Magickal Oil.
Our Games of Chance Magickal Oil is hand blended from herbs and oils traditionally valued for their magick properties in raising intuition, aiding luck, tipping the balance of opportunity in your favour and bringing in wealth and riches. It is specifically designed for use in gambling and games of chance situations such as card games, roulette, bingo, any casino game and playing the lottery.
Games of Chance Magickal Oil is a perfect consecration oil for any gambling, luck and money spells and magick. Brush some Games of Chance Magickal Oil onto a talisman or good luck charm, or onto a watchstrap, piece of jewellery or on your shoes. This helps give you a "lucky aura" to bend the winds of opportunity in your favour. A little oil dabbed onto your wrists helps guide your hands towards more favourable outcomes in dealing cards or finding lucky lottery numbers.
As always, play sensibly, never gamble more than you can afford to lose and don't be reckless. Do not expect any magick spell or product to guarantee an instant massive win. Real magick is more subtle than that, and any product that makes such claims needs to be treated with skepticism. Our Games of Chance Magickal Oil works by giving you a spiritual and psychic boost in the right direction, helping you to be more aware of the opportunities around you and improve your instincts to bring about more favourable outcomes.

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