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A 10ml bottle of Knowledge and Wisdom Magickal Oil.
Eloise Kirlan's Knowledge and Wisdom Magickal Oil is designed to bring you knowledge and wisdom, whether it be magickal or spiritual wisdom or factual knowledge. It is hand blended from traditional herbs, flowers and essential oils well known in traditional witchcraft and folklore for their powerful properties in helping open the mind to accruing knowledge and wisdom, generating ideas, bringing truth and clarity, learning difficult lessons or subjects, helping you to avoid making the same mistakes over again, gaining understanding and making wise decisions.

Use Knowledge and Wisdom Magickal Oil to anoint candles or talismans in spell workings or to anoint your forehead and temples when studying or meditating. You can also anoint the spine of a book you're reading to help you understand it.

For many more ways in which you can use Magickal Oils have a look HERE.

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