LOVE Magickal Oil 10ml


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A 10ml bottle of Love Magickal Oil.
The herbs, flowers and oils blended in Eloise Kirlan's Love Magickal Oil are well known for their magickal associations of love in traditional witchcraft, folklore and spell-casting.

Love Magickal Oil is designed for you to use in love spells and magick rituals to strengthen an existing love, help to reignite the spark and passion or repair a damaged or tired relationship, attract a new love into your life, help you search for the elusive special love of your life, and all forms of romantic, love and sex magick.
You can use Love Magickal Oil to anoint pink candles to enhance your spells and magick. Also add a couple of drops of Oil to jewellery to turn it into a love charm or talisman. Repeat this action every Friday as that's the best day for love spells as it’s ruled by Venus, the goddess of love.

For many more ways in which you can use Magickal Oils have a look HERE.

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